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My name is Don Swarts and I am an independent freelance producer working primarily with the Marlboro stills campaigns.  I am writing on behalf of Brian Jones, one of our key associates.  I first had the good fortune to meet Brian as a recommend from Glazer’s Camera in Seattle as a camera assistant in 2004. Brian prepped and brought all of the camera equipment to us for a Marlboro project in Montana. He immediately displayed all of the characteristics that week that I seek in a crew member...professional demeanor, equipment knowledge, set savvy and a willingness to go the extra steps.  Brian has been my first call since that job and has worked with us on many projects.


Brian is unique in that he is the "go to" guy in both the camera and production departments.  I've seen him troubleshoot camera equipment problems, and then diagnose automotive problems on the Bonneville Salt Flats in driving rain standing in two feet of water...with a smile.


He is equally comfortable working with film or digital.  Several of our photographers have come to rely upon Brian as a "second shooter", and he is requested on just about every project I work on. Brian shoots alongside Brian Lanker and Jim Krantz, two of Malboro's top photographers. He is well versed in all phases of production, including prep, shoot and wrap. I have no problem recommending Brian.  I believe Brian will be a great asset to any project.




Don Swarts

Producer / GPS Film Productions, Inc.