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Photo Support Northwest

Photographers make images. Computer Geeks solve problems. Digital Techs make shoots less stressful. Release yourself from the worries of camera, computer and file management.

As a Digital Tech, Brian will handle all of that for you.

Whether it’s a Canon 1Dx, IQ280 on a 645DF, H5D50 or an Credo on an Alpa there are always unforeseen variables that show up on set. Whether the camera and computer won’t connect, your Compact Flash card gets corrupted or an art director mistakenly deletes your hero shot a Digital Tech and properly equipped capture station can save the day.

Tech will come to set with emergency bootable drive and data recovery tools, and Mac Book Pro as a backup computer

Working on a limited budget? Give me a call. We can work out a rate that fits the job.

Digital Tech’s Golden Rule

  1. -Backup, Backup, Backup


Brian is the Northwest’s only manufacturer dual certified Digital Tech. He has been trained by both PhaseOne and Hasselblad. Brian also offers trouble shooting and tech support to photographers off set.

Phase One Certified Professional